Branding has gone beyond logos, but what you’re known for. It is funny how we call all noodles “Indomie” and other seasonings “Maggie”, isn’t it funny right?

You might have heard that.

A man is moved by what he sees and a woman by what she hears. A woman understands this, she never fails to wear makeups, wore clothe that brings out her shape and this strategy has never failed to move a man (prospect).

The man needs to see something that catches his attention, interest his desire and boom he takes action. This is typically what AIDA teaches you.

As a business person, there is always a model that spur your targeted audience to take a specific action. This model converts strangers to customers/buyers.

Why do you market or advertise your products?

The main purpose of an advertisement is to create attention which interest prospects to take the desired action. If these qualities are put in place a successful advertisement is made.

In this article I will be talking about AIDA, it is an acronym that stands for Attract, Interest, Desire and Action. Every consumer pass through these stages of AIDA modeling before making a purchase.

As your consumers progress to each stage, those that learn about your products end up developing the feeling that compels them to take desired actions.

Most companies use AIDA model to determine, design and distribute marketing message at every level of their customer journey to their targeted audience.

How AIDA Modeling can help you with your marketing.

Attracting Attention

Creating awareness that will educate your prospect on how your product solve their problem and also create content that will meet their passion, could be a good way of getting anyone attention. You need to know what you customers want.

As long as you get their undaunted attention, educate and engage them, this will spur a curiosity to learn new things about your product.

“Content is king”

– Bill Gate

Your prospect should be able to discover your content on social media, Google and through your website. Need a social media and web designer click here to get started.

Get their interest.

once you have your prospect attention — They have an interest in your product and service, how your product meets up to their need and passion.

At this stage, your prospect starts visualizing about how important your product will be to them in the present as we as the future.

Stimulating Desire.

Consumers that have envisioned your product in the future — they have also read your content either on social media, website or through Google.

This is the stage you keep your interaction active with your prospect, this will create a customer journey and increase trust thereby boosting their chances of making a purchase.

Taking Action.

Once your prospects have passed through these stages, it is expedient to create a room that propels your prospects to take action. This is where CTAs become handy, what is the essence of creating content and going through these stages without a clear vision of what is next.

Most companies take AIDA MODELING for granted, synchronizing AIDA and sales funnel is expedient. This will help to leverage and convert your audience into customers…

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