Could this be the end? Can someone wake me from my sleep, it seems like I am hallucinating or dreaming? I don’t know what to feel anymore, it just got done on me that somehow this is a reality and we need to face it.

To be honest, I am scared too but then, life has not ended, there is hope so far there are records of 237,282 COVID -19 case, deaths: 9,837 and recovered: 86,675 as long as 86,675 can recover from COVID -19 there is hope, this is not the end for us and I choose to be positive. I’ve decided to be happy and live my normal life, I want you to make a choice too, tell yourself I will come out of this stronger than I’ve ever imagined and the universe will smile at me again.

The present pandemic is not your fault but how you handle it is your responsibility, don’t panic or let anxiety to deprive you of the joy of being alive.

The truth is panic will keep rising, you will feel the fear of being the next victim, well it is fine, you’re not alone, this what makes you human.

Your safety starts with you, the same with the safety of people around, bear in mind this is not the end coronavirus will pass and from that moment a new life will begin.


I so much believe the best thing you can do for yourself is to let go – let go of the fear, anxiety, panic or trauma. Holding onto this won’t make you feel any better, free yourself from the emotional doubt of the future.

Stop the panic! If this could be the end let it be, but in the meantime, I’ve my dreams and I will chase them. wear this mentality like a cloth. What is the feat you want to achieve, it’s never too late to start. At END, COVID -19 is just teaching us some lessons.

Everybody is going through a hard time, but we won’t let this be the end of us. What could be worse right now? Staying home alone or getting irritated by your spouse? Boredom? Not having anything to do?

After COVID -19 what next? can you see the other of the tunnel?
Things have changed drastically, you need to put in measure to curb the worst from happening and thereafter make the good of the time.
Now you’ve all the time don’t spend it on Netflix or games

Building up yourself to the point where you can switch gears swiftly to the most important things is the ultimate skill. giving yourself out to doing what you need to do, at the right is one of the greatest habits you can build. Is it bad to see movies, play games and do other things, NO it’s cool, you might now ask why then should I stop having fun?

Where are in a time where the government is advising you to stay away from one another. Social distancing shouldn’t create a distancing between you, family and friends. The end product or aftermath of this pandemic is that you become a better person, once the time well managed.


What’s more important is coming out of this pandemic a better person than you entered it, is the supreme result. Many will come out of this pandemic but might be living dead – You’re not just enduring but doing something about it. the problem is not your problem, it is the world problem, don’t carry it on your head. worrying about the problem won’t solve the problem, worrying drains you of your energy, Streaming the net on your devices is not the best way of passing time. The modern media devises ways to keep scare you and add fear thereby earning the more clicks for their ads. It’s only dead fish that flow in the currency of the sea.

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